Posted by: goodthingspakistan | November 15, 2008

Pakistan Wins Fortune Cup

2008 is definately not the best year for Pakistan cricket as Pakistan did not played a single Test Match this year and played very few ODIs as well. Pakistan played only 5 ODIs this year against strong opposition. There was a huge gap between Pakistan’s last ODI and the current ODI series in Abu Dhabi.

On top of that there was drama after drama. Earlier this year pacer Asif got busted in Dubai for carrying illegal substance and later on he got Banned for positive drugs test during IPL for nandrolone. Just before the start of series Mohammad Yosuf signed with unofficial ICL and got an immediate ban by PCB. And off course we all know about legal betal between PCB and Akhtar. Coach Lawson got sacked and there were doubts on Malik’s captaincy.

It took little time for Pakistan’s fortune to shine and they won the Fortune Cup after beating West Indies in first 2 ODIs. First it was Akmal who stole victory from West Indies Hands and then a complete team effort to seal the title in 2nd ODI.

“We will do our best because my aim has always been to improve and be among the world’s top two teams. Here is an opportunity for us to do that.”
Shoaib Malik

The win in the series is gave Pakistan fans some thing to cheer about… at last.